Ocean 2 Day Workshop

Salty Girls with Land & Sea Therapy, bring you Ocean Woman Two Day Workshop on the 24th & 25th of September.

Come join us as we dive into every aspect of what it means to engage in the ocean in an all female group atmosphere, covering all surf basics, etiquettes, water knowledge, board skills and techniques.

Women will be fully guided through the emotional and psychological layers, and challenges of learning to surf Utilising therapeutic and prescriptive coaching techniques honed over 30 years.


🏠 1 x night at Surfing Australia’s Hpc
🥗 All meals
🏄🏾‍♀️ 3 x Surf Sessions
📖 “The Mindful Surfer’ presentation
🍷🏺Clay & Sip Art Therapy
🏋🏽‍♀️ Female Specific Surf Conditioning with “The Female Surf” Candice Lane

Being an Ocean Woman means having confidence and a truly intuitive connection to the sea whilst navigating and understanding how fear, anxiety, and facing challenges are an inevitable and integral part of surfing. We hope you can join us and can’t wait to be apart of your surfing journey.

Spaces limited to 10 Women

The locations of this course will take advantage of our beautiful local creeks. Utilising flat water and calm ocean waves allows us to gently slow down whilst still being able to touch sand. Theory based practice and guidance will take place shoreside as a group where we can focus and workshop the psychological aspects of the surfer experience.

An Ocean Woman .

Together we will;

* Navigate the role of fear and anxiety as a surfer both in and out of the water.

* Build an intuitive and educational understanding of ocean awareness.

* Support your Emotional & Physical Resilience journey in the water.

* Teach strong foundational proficiency in board handling skills with an in-depth break down of learn to surf basics.

* Learn to optimise our breathing in stressful/overwhelming situations by a breath-work specialist.


All your surfing equipment is provided for you according to your individual needs, but please bring the following items:

Swimwear & Yoga Clothes 
Sunscreen (please apply to face and upperbody only prior to leaving home)
Drinking water
Hat and sunglasses for land workshop
Medication as required

Accomodation will be at Surfing Australia’s Hpc Center

Surfing will be done either Cabarita, Hasting Point or Kingscliff 

 September 24th & 25th 2022
6.30am Start